48 hours to whitelist

48 hours to whitelist

We sold US$30,000,000 of the BF Token (BFT) in less than 15 hours during our presale.

We had to close early. We have now whitelisted thousands of ETH address for our public sale. You have less than 48 hours left to whitelist your ETH address to participate in our public sale if you have not done it already here.

We anticipate we will have to close the public sale early once all 30,000,000 BFT have been allocated.

If you have whitelisted already, you can check the status of your ETH address here too.

On February 16th 10:00pm UTC, we will launch our BFT public sale with the goal to ‘Make Equity Great Again’ and move forward with our planned securities token exchange launch.

Only whitelisted ETH addresses will be able to participate in our public sale.

No whitelisted address, no BFT.

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More details about us…

Our experienced global team members at BnKToTheFuture were early investors in the Bitcoin and Blockchain sector. We have facilitated more than US$300,000,000 of investments in more than 100 companies across the sector including investments in BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken, ShapeShift, BitPay and over 100 others. And perhaps most important of all, we are compliance-driven in a time when ICO’s are under regulatory scrutiny.

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