50k Members Can’t Be Wrong

50k Members Can’t Be Wrong

We built the largest community of high net worth investors investing online in FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies.

As we get ready to launch our secondary market in 2018, BnkToTheFuture.com is pleased to launch the BF Token (BFT) for the rest of the community.


With the BF token launch, we’ve created a new and more decentralized method for finding the best deals and investment opportunities, with the most reputable companies in Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech.

                                                                          what makes us different

  • Oversubscribed: Our pre-sale sold out $30m in less than 15 hours and we had to close early. Since then we have been flooded with emails that want to purchase because they missed the pre-sale. This means  we don’t need to create gimmicky bonus structures that could dilute token value. Instead, everyone pays the same price and gets the same number of tokens. No back door deals.

  • Compliance-driven: We strive to align the interests of all parties: our clients, investors, token holders and our company. In that vein, we operate within a compliance-driven legal structure as we aim to be here long-term.

  • Established Track Record: Although we officially launched our platform in 2015, we’ve been around since 2010 securing the required licenses and registrations to do this properly. We have one clear mission leading the way: to support the growth of the most valuable companies in Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech. Our BF token is the next step toward that goal.

  • Strong Team: We are a team of 25 located across Asia, the EU and US with 18 top tier advisors that played their role in building, investing and advocating the Bitcoin and Blockchain sector before it went mainstream.

Learn how our BF token will be used to enhance our existing platform by reading our White Paper



Our BF Token (BFT) presale was a fast success. We raised $30 million USD in under 15 hours. You can read more about it on BlockchainNews.

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