BFT Token Sale Important Information

BFT Token Sale Important Information

The BF Token (BFT) Sale will open on 16th February 2018 at 10:00pm UTC for whitelisted ETH addresses only.

You will be able to get your BFT here:

The first to send the correct amount of ETH to the address displayed at 10:00pm UTC on February 16th 2018 will receive up to 100,000 BFT at a fixed price of US$0.10. We will use the ETH price on CoinMarketCap 24 hours before the sale goes live. The sale will end when all 30,000,000 BFT are sold.

The value of GAS is 150,000 for each transaction, you can use whatever GWEI you like (higher the GWEI, faster the transaction is confirmed). You can check optimal rate of GWEI that will ensure fast confirmation here: 

If you try to send ETH from a non-whitelisted address your payment will fail and no ETH will leave your wallet.

If you try to send ETH after all 30,000,000 BFT has been purchased, the transaction will fail and no ETH will leave your wallet.

Before you purchase BFT please read our BF Token (BFT) White Paper and one page overview.


Nobody from our team will EVER private message (PM) you for payment to any wallet address or ask for your email during the Token Sale. The only way to purchase BF Tokens during the sale is to go to our site and send your funds to the ETH address listed on the screen.


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