BFT Whitelisting Is LIVE Now

BFT Whitelisting Is LIVE Now

BFT Whitelisting is LIVE now

The time to whitelist your ETH address is now here.

Although our BF Token (BFT) public sale kicks off on February 16th at 10:00pm UTC, the purchase process begins NOW.

If you want to participate in our BFT public sale, you must whitelist your ETH address between today and February 13th 10:00pm UTC.

No whitelist, no BFT purchase



BFT’s membership function enables all token holders that qualify to invest through to gain priority access to deals listed on our Online Investment Platform.

BFT’s reward function rewards those that participate in  community due diligence to find and research top deals that should be listed on our platform.
BFT’s payment function will eventually make it possible to pay trading fees for our planned BnKToTheFuture security token market.
Non-whitelisted addresses will not be allowed to buy BFT when we open for purchases on 16th February 2018 at 10:00pm UTC.

Whitelist my address now

Be sure to only whitelist your personal ETH address for which you hold the private key. Any other ETH address connected to an exchange or another wallet may result in you losing both your ETH and  BFT.


Whitelist today to secure your place in the BF Token public sale on February 16th.

Add my ETH address to the whitelist now

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