Further details about the BF Token Sale by Bnk To The Future

Further details about the BF Token Sale by Bnk To The Future

As requested, we have added your name to the priority notification list for the BF Token (BFT) public sale due to launch on 6th  February 2018 at 10:00pm UTC.

BnkToTheFuture.com is the largest online investment platform for qualifying members that want to build a portfolio in the FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain sector. We have over 47,500 qualifying members who have invested into the equity for many of the most valuable companies in our sector including BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken, BitPay, ShapeShift and over 100 others.

Now we’re revving up for our exciting next chapter: the BF Token (BFT), our membership and rewards token, and the launch of our trading market for equity-backed tokens in 2018. Our goal is to ‘Make Equity Great Again’ after the ICO boom by adding liquidity to private equity through equity-backed tokens.

The BF Token (BFT) will be used as a membership and rewards token for those that want to perform due diligence, investor relations and help with deal-flow selection on the BnkToTheFuture.com platform.

It will also be used to help us increase transparency and accessibility on our existing platform as we get ready for the planned launch of our trading market for equity-backed tokens in 2018.

And here’s the best news…

We are currently conducting a pre-sale for our qualifying members on BnkToTheFuture.com, but we have allocated 3,000,000 BFT for 3,000 token purchasers that want to use the token as outlined in our whitepaper.

We have more good news for you.

Our promise to the community is that every single person will pay the same price for BFT in both the pre and public sale.

No unfair bonuses, no discounts and no back-hand deals – just one price for both our presale purchasers and those that purchase the tokens in the public sale.

The presale, open to both US and non-US residents, requires you to be a full qualifying member of BnkToTheFuture.com with a verified account on our platform (qualification varies depending on your country of residence), but if you don’t qualify as a member, the public sale will be available to 3,000 non-US resident purchasers.

The tokens are $0.10 per token, but we are restricting public sale participants to purchases of $1,000 per person so we can have a larger community using the token and ensure they are being used to build the community.

The demand has already been far greater than we can accomodate so please conduct your research ahead of the dates below – we are unable to accommodate all that wish to purchase.

Here is a summary of the key dates:

  • Pre-sale started on Tuesday, 5th of December 2017.

  • Pre-sale ends on Thursday, 1st of February 2018 latest.

  • Public Sale whitelisting starts on Tuesday, 6th of February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

  • Public Sale whitelisting ends on Tuesday, 13th of February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

  • Public Purchase Date for whitelisted purchasers only will be on Friday 16th February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

  • Tokens will only be issued after completing KYC, becoming whitelisted and sending ETH successfully.

  • BFT will be transferable on Tuesday, 6th of March 2018, 10:00pm UTC

Learn more in our White Paper

We’re excited to tell you more in the coming emails. Stay tuned for more updates.


Simon Dixon, CEO & co-founder BnkToTheFuture.com

P.S. Please be warned the demand in the pre-sale is far greater than we can accommodate and is only open to qualifying investors of BnkToTheFuture so if you are hoping to join that please prepare by completing your full account, uploading all KYC documents and confirming your Investor status on your account.


Other News:

Our CEO and Co-founder, Simon Dixon, discussed Token Sale due diligence, the 4 types of ICOs and introduces the BF Token in this video:

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