Introducing the BF Wallet for BFT & Security Tokens

Introducing the BF Wallet for BFT & Security Tokens

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Bnk To The Future has used centralized wallets for investor funds and digital assets since we started our mission to allow investors to invest in the future of finance in 2010.

We have given investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the equity of the largest crypto companies like BitStamp, BitFinex, ShapeShift, BitPay, Bithumb, Kraken with many other big names still to come as we grow our secondary market.

We have also been involved in the birth of the next wave in crypto – securities tokens.
In the time that has passed, we’ve witnessed centralized wallets by exchanges and other trading platforms compromised and millions of dollars lost.

We have a model for securing funds that has led to us being successful at protecting our user’s funds. Our process involves manual security checks that has meant our clients funds have been protected to a higher standard than most crypto exchanges.

But it has not been lost on us that the central wallet system is always vulnerable and our clients want to process payments faster without delays due to manual processes.
At the same time we are investing in the next phase of crypto growth where securities and equity becomes tokenized through security tokens.

It is for this reason that we are launching the BF Wallet

Come meet our new wallet at AMA #5

In the next AMA, which happens on Feb 5th 2019 at 4:00 PM UTC, Bnk To The Future CEO and Co-Founder Simon Dixon will present our new BF wallet for iOS and Android devices, answer your questions about it and perform a demo.

In the spirit of blockchain, the new wallet is decentralized and gives our Bnk To The Future investors full control and the ability to ring-fence their assets using cryptographic digital private keys. In the future, security tokens will be stored on the wallet too, allowing you to store them yourselves while maintaining compliance with international securities laws.

More components of future upgrades and BF Token

Aside from the wallet, Dixon will provide updates on the other components of the next Bnk To The Future upgrade and BFT integrations.

The BF wallet will play a major role in helping us realize the full potential of the BF token (BFT).
At the moment BFT functions as a membership token, where those with over 10,000 BFT get priority access to new investment deals (PAD). It is also used to pay transaction fees on our secondary market, and investors get discounts for using it for this purpose.

The BFT token will also get new functions as we build new features into our company pages — another major component of the upcoming platform upgrades.

In short, the wallet will facilitate making the overall experience on Bnk To The Future better and help users use BFT easier.

So do not miss AMA #5 with Simon Dixon to find out how everything is falling into place. 
Sign up for the AMA here.

Who is Simon Dixon?

Prior to founding Bnk To The Future, Simon Dixon worked as an investment banker and as a financial technology expert later. In 2011, Simon Dixon found out about Bitcoin. He spoke at the very first Bitcoin conference in 2011 and has continued to speak at major cryptocurrency events. Mr. Dixon is the author of a book titled ‘Bnk To The Future’, the first published book in the world that included Bitcoin. He is an investor in many crypto companies like BitStamp, BitPay, BitFinex, ShapeShift, Bithumb, Kraken and many others.

Just a reminder…

We are busy working on many exclusive priority access deals for our BFT holders. Make sure you’re maintaining a balance of 10,000 BFT in your Bnk To The Future account in order to receive notifications of priority access deals (PAD). Right now, you can purchase BFT on BitFinex, Huobi, EthfinexBittrexUpbit or Once you have transferred your BFT into the funds section of your Bnk To The Future account, you will unlock the option of priority access deals distributed via email.

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