RPB Portfolio Builder & BF Token (BFT) | New Feature Announcement | BF LIVE #90

RPB Portfolio Builder & BF Token (BFT) | New Feature Announcement | BF LIVE #90

BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) deeply integrated into all Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolios

We are proud to announce that the BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) is now deeply integrated into all crypto-centered retirement plans offered to our investors through our soon to-be-launched Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolio builder. 

Our crypto-centered retirement plans are currently being offered to a closed beta group of 500 investors that completed our Retirement Plan ฿™ online coaching program at the beginning of this year. 

Since announcing our launch, we have a waiting list of over 20,000 investors who have registered to learn more about building their own Retirement Plan ฿™. The demand for Retirement Plan ฿™ indicated that the demand for utilising the benefits of the BnkToTheFuture Token are set to reach a much wider audience.

You can join us on this week’s BF Live where our CEO and co-founder, Simon Dixon, will answer your questions of Retirement Plan ฿™ and the BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) integration live. 

It’s a 1 hour LIVE stream. The second segment of the show is where you – the audience – get to ask your questions or you can upvote other peoples questions by using the following sli.do link https://app.sli.do/event/k3ss3nrj or use the code BF90 when you visit sli.do. (No account needed).


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