BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) deeply integrated into all Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolios

BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) deeply integrated into all Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolios

We are proud to announce that the BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) is now deeply integrated into all crypto-centered retirement plans offered to our investors.

Our crypto-centered retirement plans are currently being offered to a closed beta group of 500 investors that completed our Retirement Plan ฿™ online coaching program at the beginning of this year. Since announcing our launch, we have a waiting list of over 20,000 investors that have registered to learn more about building their own Retirement Plan ฿™. The demand for Retirement Plan ฿™ indicated that the demand for utilising the benefits of the BnkToTheFuture Token (BFT) will reach a much wider audience.

When we launched the world’s first securities business focused on syndicating private shares in the largest companies in Bitcoin in 2010, we made a commitment to allow our investors to benefit from any growth in the disruption of the traditional financial system as the future of finance is built. 

When we launched BFT in 2018 we made a commitment to create a token that rewarded our loyal investors as they built their portfolios with us. Today all investors that hold a minimum of 10,000 BFT on their BnkToTheFuture account get 48 hours head start on all deals. As many deals are now selling out to our premium members before they go live, this feature has become increasingly more important. Those that hold at least 100,000 BFT get a 1% BFT reward bonus for all investments made through the platform. They also get a 50% discount on all fees when buying and selling shares on the BnkToTheFuture secondary market.

We are now happy to announce that the team has been working hard to integrate BFT into the newly launched Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolio builder product.

We made the announcement last week that we have partnered with Celsius Network, one of the largest crypto yield platforms and First Digital Trust, a Hong Kong regulated Trust and Custodian specialising in digital assets to launch our crypto-centered retirement plans targeted at those that want to gain exposure to the growth of Bitcoin and the wider crypto markets.

Investors are now able to buy and lend Bitcoin, Ether and other Stablecoins all under one asset protected retirement plan structure, whilst building a portfolio of the shares of the largest companies in crypto.

BnkToTheFuture has already allowed its investors to invest into syndicators for companies like CoinBase long before the IPO at a much cheaper valuation, Kraken that was originally valued at US$20 million on BnkToTheFuture and now trades at US$20 billion on its secondary market, BitFinex, BitStamp, Circle, and over 100 others. 

BnkToTheFuture new crypto-specific retirement plan known as ‘Retirement Plan ฿™’ offers investors a crypto-specific asset protection structure, retirement plan custody account and automates the process of buying, lending and investing in Bitcoin, Ether, Stablecoins and shares in crypto companies. With this new BFT integration investors get rewarded with BFT as they build their retirement plans and can get priority access on deals that they can now invest into using their retirement plans.

Qualifying investors can now join BnkToTheFuture to buy and sell shares in the largest companies in crypto, invest in new crypto startups, trade their returns into the top crypto assets and build a retirement plan centred around Bitcoin and the wider crypto markets. 

To pre-register your interest and join the waiting list to build your very own Retirement Plan ฿™ please register at 

You can also join us on this week’s BF Live where our CEO and co-founder, Simon Dixon,  will answer your questions live. 

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