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If you would like to have BnkToTheFuture as a strategic investor in your token sale or ICO please tell us more by making a quick online application to have us invest
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Previous investments

A Strategic Investor

BnkToTheFuture have purchased millions in tokens over the years, therefore we are happy to receive your token sale application so that we may consider purchasing your tokens with our own BF funds.
We are not opening these opportunities up to our BF private investor members at this point due to regulatory and compliance reasons, but we are connected with many of our external contacts who are considered large buyers in token sales and we are happy to consider purchasing your tokens using our own funds if you make a quick online application below.
We are also connected with many of the legal professionals and advisors that have helped issuers sell hundreds of millions in tokens.

A New Asset Class Is Born

At BnkToTheFuture we believe the future of finance looks very different from the past and we have been an early pioneer investing in the future of finance before many had heard of the words FinTech, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Blockchain.
We have invested in many of the top companies in this sector such as:

Simon Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder

We have been here since 2011

We have watched the digital currency and token market grow from a few million in market capitalisation to over one hundred billion and beyond since our CEO and co-founder Simon Dixon first spoke at the world's first Bitcoin conference in Prague in 2011 as author of his first book - 'Bank To The Future' that included the topic Bitcoin.
Since then we have seen a surge in the number of qualifying high net worth investors and token buyers in our sector as vast wealth has been created over the years.

Investing In The Future Of Finance

BnkToTheFuture and our board members have been investing with our own funds in the FinTech sector since the birth of the first Bitcoin company through to the purchase of the very first token sale.
We have been invited to purchase tokens as a strategic buyer in many of the pre-sales of these tokens and continue to purchase today.
However, we think the market may have been stretched to the edges of securities law and probably in breach of some of these laws. Many token sales try to replicate each other's process but add new elements that may not be compliant and by doing so each token sale pushes the law a little bit further to the edge.
We think there may be an enforcement action coming soon from securities regulators at some point, but, in the end, a new asset class will be born that may need to comply with international securities law.

A Possible New Legal Framework For Token Sales?

At this stage the legal framework for allowing our private investor members to co-purchase tokens with us is not yet readily available or defined within international securities law, but we have been working hard within the company's internal structure to make the process of token purchase compliant as possible for our private members rather than trying to ignore international securities law.

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Investing with confidence

We are applying for relevant licenses that may help support all parties involved to remain compliant in relation to the token purchasing process, which may also help provide additional layers of safety and protection for both issuers and buyers of tokens.
Please create your free private investor member account with BnkToTheFuture below to stay up-to-date with these innovations.

How can other investors get involved?

If you're already a qualifying private investor member on BnkToTheFuture and would like to be notified as soon as an alternative compliant structure for token purchase on favourable terms is available, then please join our newsletter updates now by completing your profile and updating your private investor member status on BnkToTheFuture so we can notify you as soon as opportunities to purchase pre-sale tokens compliantly via our platform becomes available.
Our goal is to bring the same favourable terms we may get as soon as any relevant licenses are secured.
If you would like to have BnkToTheFuture as a strategic investor in your token sale or ICO please tell us more by making a quick online application to have us invest
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