Bitcoin Capital - Crypto Fund Managed By Max Keiser & Simon Dixon

Raised so far
$734,299 / $1,000,000
Time remaining 19 days
Backers 428
Minimum investment goal $250,000
Equity on offer 50%
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Pitch by
Big Max Keiser
United Kingdom
Team member
Big Simon Dixon
United Kingdom
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Signed copy of 'Bank To The Future' book

Get a signed copy of Simon Dixon's 'Bank To The Future' book on the future of finance.

Delivery Estimated delivery date: 03-08-2015
× What type of shares do I get?

Depending on your selection and what is on offer, you get either 'A' ordinary shares or 'B' ordinary in the company.

What is the difference between 'A' shares and 'B' shares?

They are identical with two exceptions - (1) voting rights and (2) right to purchase new shares in the future. Each 'A' share carries with one full voting right. 'B' shares carry no voting rights. If the company decides to issue more shares in the future then 'A' shareholders have the right to purchase them before 'B' shareholders who have the right to purchase them before any new investors.

What other rights do I get with these shares?

Drag Along Rights

If the business decides to sell the company in the future, this means you too sell your shares with them, and this is where you would normally make your return on investment.

Pre-emption Rights

If the company issues new shares in the future, 'A' shareholders must be offered the right to purchase these shares first, followed by 'B' shareholders second to make it fair and prevent you from dilution if you choose to re-invest.

Tag Along Rights

If somebody buys the company in the future then they must make the same offer to you for your shares aw well as all other shareholders protecting you from getting a bad deal and feeling short changed.

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