$1bn Invested in Crypto Companies – What Next? | BF LIVE Ep.93

$1bn Invested in Crypto Companies – What Next? | BF LIVE Ep.93

Join Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture) in BF LIVE Ep.93 whereby he will talk about $1bn invested in crypto companies via BnkToTheFuture.com.

What is next now? Simon Dixon reveals all alongside with more exciting updates.

In this episode Simon Dixon covers:

– We passed $1bn invested in funding rounds listed on our online investment platform;
– Good news about our new Virtual Asset Service Provider Registration;
– No so Good News about BF Identity V2 and our planned Equity Pause Period for migration;
– Great News about our new license application and what it means for our investors;
– Sold out Brankas ‘Series B’;
– Sold out Securitize ‘Series B’;
– Sold put Recap ‘Seed Round’;
– Sold out Unocoin ‘Series C’;
– First RPB portfolio builder Retirement plans sold out;
– CoinBase IPO new sell share option coming soon;
– Robinhood IPO distribution;
– Circle IPO SPAC;
– FV Bank closed early sold out;
– Exodus buyback funds paid. Shares 158x return;
– Wirex 38x paper return;
– Checkbook Series B completed;
– Synereo share buyback completed;
– Storj share buy back with tokens completed;
– Shapeshift DAO distribution 1 of tokens completed;
– Bitso $2.2bn valuation;
– BitPesa Series C completed;
– StartEngine Series B coming;
– Chronicled large investor announcement and improvement to terms coming soon subject to lead investor completing;
– Abra Series C coming soon.

It’s a 1 hour LIVE show. The second segment of the show is where you – the investors – get to ask your questions or you can upvote other peoples questions by using the following sli.do link: https://app.sli.do/event/ewfbud9f or use the code BF93 when you visit sli.do. (No account needed).

Join today (8th September 2021) at 4pm UTC / 5pm BST /12pm EDT.


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