Back To Basics – How To Build & Protect Your Wealth Using Bitcoin | BF LIVE #97

Back To Basics – How To Build & Protect Your Wealth Using Bitcoin | BF LIVE #97

We have some big deals coming up for investors so it’s perfect timing for another episode of Bnk To The Future (BF) LIVE with our CEO and Co-Founder, Simon Dixon.

BF Live Is Back Tomorrow
BF Live Episode 97 – Back To Basics – How To Build & Protect Your Wealth Using Bitcoin is a LIVE AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with our CEO Simon Dixon where he will be sharing the tools he uses to invest in the future of finance and how to use many of the newly developed tools at that you may or may not be aware of.

Simon Dixon covered the following:

  • The biggest mistakes made by our investors over the last decade and how to avoid them;
  • The 4 pillars of a Bitcoin investing strategy to maximise the Bitcoin you accumulate;
  • Update on the last 6 months of building new investment tools for BnkToTheFuture investors and how to prepare for the upcoming investment deals. 

Multi-Billion Dollar Unicorn Returns
We have been busy rebuilding our online investment platform to scale the secondary market so we can launch a lot more deals by the end of this year. 

By allowing our investors to sell shares in the previous deals that they invested in, our investors have been able to cash in on many of the unicorns (a unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over US$1 billion) that are now multi billion dollar companies, whilst allowing other investors to get in on deals they have missed and even add them to their retirement plans. 

Blockchain is now valued at $14bn

  • Kraken $20bn
  • Coinbase over $30bn
  • Ripple Labs $10bn
  • Robinhood over $9bn
  • Celsius over $3bn
  • Bitso over $2bn

…and that’s just a few of the deals that started as small private companies and now are multi billion dollar unicorns in part thanks to the funding of our investor community. 

You have already made a difference in the future of finance whilst enjoying high returns due to the higher risks you took.

New Offerings Coming Soon
The last year in crypto has been all about regulations. All our portfolio companies had to rebuild their compliance processes and we had to re-onboard all our investors. Thank you to the thousands that have followed our instructions and completed that process. We hate asking for personal information and documents as much as you hate providing them, but it’s the price we have to pay in order to bring you more and more companies to invest into on both our primary market and secondary market

We have two large deals we will update you on in BF LIVE Ep.97 – one goes live this month (April)  and another next month (May). We also have dozens more in the pipeine throughout this year. 

Get ready for them
If you have not logged in for a while and have not yet updated the information requested on BF Identity, then you want to do that now so you don’t miss the next deal going live this month. 

If you have not yet done it, to meet our regulatory requirements you have to verify your account and certify your account and upgrade to one of the four tiers that are displayed when you login

For now the next few deals will only be open to those that certify their accounts as High-Net-Worth (HNW) and prove that they have a net worth of $1m or more. You can still invest as little as $1,000 in each deal to diversify widely, but you will need to certify your account when you login. Time to do that now so you don’t miss the next deal which we believe will be oversubscribed. 

What if I’m not High Net Worth (HNW)?
If you don’t have $1m of net worth in either crypto or traditional assets, then complete the process anyway as we are actively applying for three more licences that allow us to open up our primary and secondary markets to non-High Net Worth investors in the future. This requires us securing new licences and we will update you on that journey. Any deals you miss, we will aim to make them available to you on our secondary market as soon as the licences are secured. 

So don’t wait, get your account ready to see if you qualify to invest as soon as those new licences come in.

I want to be ready for the next deals
If you are HNW, login and start now as the next deal is a big one and right around the corner this month.
Enjoy the update on BF LIVE Ep.97 

Investor Relations team

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