Bitcoin Group – BnkToTheFuture Case Study

Bitcoin Group – BnkToTheFuture Case Study
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Stock markets have a long history listing oil and gold mining stocks for investors.

Yet, prior to Bitcoin Group there were no listed stock for investors that wanted a share in the upside of mining for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin miners are computers that are connected together all around the world. They verify every transaction on the Bitcoin network and make it possible to send digital money anywhere, anytime and for virtually free. As a reward they are given newly created Bitcoin for their time and effort.

The Bitcoin mining network is actually the largest supercomputer in the world today, but bitcoin mining has been reserved for computer geeks and large investors running large mining farms like our one in Iceland.

At Bank to the future we believe that this network of supercomputers is one of the most valuable, game changing and important inventions to the future of finance.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that Bitcoin Group floated its Bitcoin mining operation on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2016.

Before floating, Bitcoin Group allocated a portion of their stock to us and our investors were able to get in early through our Online Investment Platform –

Bitcoin Group is now the first Bitcoin mining operation to list on a major stock exchange and our investors knew that they had been through a rigorous due diligence process before listing. is the largest Online Investment Platform with thousands of professional investors waiting to invest in Financial and Technological innovation.

Go to our homepage and you’ll get to see the total number of professional investors, how much they have invested, and the amount of dividends that they’ve received.

Bitcoin Group was a perfect match for us. They were the only Bitcoin mining operation that passed the extremely challenging process of qualifying to go public.

They wanted pre-IPO funding from professional investors who believed in them and knew the value of Bitcoin mining.

and they wanted the investment to come through fast, in different currencies and with a streamlined compliance and documentation process to meet their regulatory requirements for the IPO.

A solution was found, and Bitcoin Group allocated some of their stock to Bank To The Future.

We had a global community of thousands of qualifying investors ready to invest in Financial and Technological innovation.

We had a platform that complies with international financial regulations tailored for most major currencies and countries.

We structured the investment in a way that meant they only get one registered investor prior to flotation.

We cut out the painful admin, legal costs and problems raising pre-IPO finance through an optimised investment structure.

And all under a “no win, no fee” agreement with no up-front costs.

We provided all our investors with one investment agreement and a forum to communicate with the team quickly, efficiently and privately with additional investor protections. Investors can download all legal work, due diligence and certificates via our platform whenever they want.

We built our Online Investment Platform with one purpose in mind – to prepare for a radically different future in Financial and Technological Innovation…

Businesses just like Bitcoin Group can now raise pre-IPO finance in a safe, fast and effective way, while our investors get to allocate a portion of their wealth to an extremely disruptive and fast growing area that many are beginning to see could change the world of finance – FOREVER!

Just like Bitcoin Group, you can get involved by making a quick online application for finance at or register to see if you qualify to invest.

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