Bitso Live On BnkToTheFuture For Qualifying Investors

Bitso Live On BnkToTheFuture For Qualifying Investors

Bitso raises $1,895,917 from 45 investors so far… after Donald Trump clamps down on Mexican remittances.

Qualifying investors can now co-invest with Barry Silbert, Simon Dixon, Max Keiser and other top tier FinTech investors in the largest Bitcoin exchange in Mexico.

Featured Pitch

American real estate mogul and presidential hopeful – Donald Trump, launched an attack against remittance payments from the US to Mexico last week. 

Mexico is one of the largest remittance partners of the US, with the majority of migrant Mexican workers sending part of their salaries to their families in Mexico. According to the World Bank, three of the most frequently used remittance service companies – Western Union (6.1%), MoneyGram (6.64%) and CitiBank (14.59%) charge 9.11% on average, excluding the conversion fees.

This announcement inspired Bitso, the largest Bitcoin to Mexican Peso exchange in Mexico, to launch their funding round on our Online Investment Platform for qualifying investors. 

BitSo has built a solution that uses the digital currency – Bitcoin and an integration with the Mexican Central Bank to allow Mexicans to freely trade their Dollars and Mexican Pesos in and out of Bitcoin. 

The timing of Trump’s announcement increased the need for Bitso’s solution and has already attracted over $1.85 million of investment and is now open to qualifying investors. Watch this video for full details:

  • Largest Bitcoin market in Mexico with over $10 million in trade volume (562% growth in the last year).
  • Deep bank-grade integration into the Mexican interbank payment system. Instant (5-30 second) deposits and withdrawals to any bank in the country. Ability to create Mexican bank account numbers tied to programmatic rules and API connectivity.
  • Account funding in over 130,000 locations in Mexico including Oxxo and 7Eleven.
  • Top-tier investors, including Digital Currency Group – Barry Silbert (leading Bitcoin investor), Bitcoin Capital 3 (Bitcoin VC Fund managed by Simon Dixon – Co-Founder & CEO of BnkToTheFuture and Max Keiser – Bitcoin investor) and Hark Yaka (AngelList, Twitter, Coinbase).

Qualifying investors can check out full details on BitSo here. 

In The News

Our CEO Simon Dixon was interviewed to answer some tough questions and give his perspective on where Bitcoin is going next to some of the largest holders of Bitcoin at the underground Bitcoin Whales Club. You can watch the recording here:

Other BnkToTheFuture News

215% Funded:

The number one Bitcoin talk show host – Adam B. Levine of ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’ broke a new record as the fastest Pitch funded on BnkToTheFuture with his company – Tokenly. Tokenly is still live on BnkToTheFuture with current status in ‘overfunding’ and has now received an offer to top-up the round to $750k in the event there is anything left once the Pitch is complete! Adam launched his solution on how to fix broken promises made on CrowdFunding platforms and how to plug together the 1,000 plus CrowdFunding platforms such as KickStarter and StartJOIN by using digital tokens.

Congratulations to BSave With Time Still Remaining:

BSave, the Bitcoin savings account that pays real time interest on deposits, launched their Pitch to qualifying investors on BnkToTheFuture and reached their minimum funding goal in the first week. They have a small amount left till they reach their full funding goal.

Full details here.

Invest With Altcoins Like Ether, Litecoin & DASH:

As well as being integrated with 25 traditional currencies around the globe, we are now allowing those who have built up a stash of Alternative Crypto-Currencies to invest them on our Online Investment Platform. We have opened up investing with Ether, DASH and Litecoin and have also integrated with 35 other Crypto-Currencies and will release them slowly. The investment minimum and maximum for now is $1,000 or $2,000 with Ether per investment, but we will monitor liquidity and open this up further giving investors more flexibility which accompanies a new pool of liquidity without taking any Altcoin price currency risk.

New Features:

Protecting your privacy is very important to us, therefore we are proud to announce that permitting you to use a different public profile name on our BF platform than the name on your legal documents is an important new feature upgrade on our Online Investment Platform. Starting today you can login to your BF Account and edit how your public profile name is displayed on our platform whilst confirming and using your correct legal name on the private profile section of your BF Account for all your Share Certificates and legal documents.

More Returns:

We have now paid our professional investor members over 305,000 dividends and over $700,000 has been returned through our dividend paying funds.

More Investors:

We are delighted to have over 18,750 (and increasing daily) real active registered professional investor members on our platform who are waiting for more Financial & Technological Innovation investment opportunities to invest in.  First time qualifying investors are able to receive a complimentary investment on us.

Click here to find an opportunity you like.

More Financial Innovation:

If you are involved in Financial & Technological Innovation then we would love to receive your application and explore if you can raise investment with us.  80% of companies that have listed on our platform so far have raised at least their minimum funding goal. You can see our live Pitch statistics and success rates when you scroll down at the end of our home page.  Once you have checked them out you are welcome to make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.

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