Credits live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Credits live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

65% Subscribed.  57 Investors.  US$278,173 Invested.  After creating a Blockchain for the Isle of Man Government, CREDITS, is now open to qualifying investors seeking exposure to the growth of the ‘Private Blockchain Market’.  

Featured News

‘Blockchain’ has become a ‘buzzword’ amongst banks, governments and large multinational corporations. This buzzword has been sung from the rooftops from the Bank of England to the People’s Bank of China, from IBM to MicroSoft, from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan.  What do they all have in common?

They all want Blockchains. They have setup innovation departments building Blockchains and they are all scrambling for staff, consultants and companies to partner with to build their own version of a Blockchain – a private Blockchain.  

One of those companies is CREDITS who built the first private Blockchain for a government and are open to qualifying investors seeking exposure to the growth of the private Blockchain market.  Watch this video for full details:

  • CREDITS is a Blockchain framework provider offering Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) with tools for building secure and scalable Blockchains to power enterprise applications.
  • Revenue generative with sales of US $250,000 in the first six months from Proof-of-Concept (“PoC”) work.  While the immediate Blockchain market is relatively small, it is projected that over US $1 billion will be spent by the financial industry on Blockchain PoC in 2017.
  • CREDITS is already working with enterprises including a number of capital market institutions and is in direct partnership with the Isle of Man Government.
  • Launching at Money 20/20 in April 2016.

Qualifying investors can check out full details on CREDITS here.

In The News

We are proud to bring to you the third in our new series of case study videos where we discuss real life impacts that our clients are having on the future of finance after securing investment for our community of professional FinTech investors.  This week we put UnoCoin in the spotlight.  You can check out the short video here:

Other BnkToTheFuture News

2 Days Left & Over US$175,000 Subscribed:

Investors that have chosen to diversify into the growth of the second Blockchain to pass US $1 billion of market capitalisation – Ethereum, through our Ether Mining Backed Security (EMBS), will receive dividends every day in Ether (or automatically converted to Bitcoin if they choose) when we begin paying dividends by the end of this week.  Full details here.

Fully Subscribed:

After completing investments in BitPay – the world’s largest enterprise level Bitcoin merchant processor and CoinJar – Australia’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin Capital 3 had to close early after it passed the US $1 million maximum.  Bitcoin Capital 3 is preparing to announce its next two investments shortly.  

New Security:

After completing our security audit, we have introduced many new features that will help keep your returns safe and secure including Two Factor Authentication (2FA) (which shall be applied on the most sensitive parts of your account,) enhanced secure socket layers, our brand new Security Centre in your account section and additional security notifications alerting you of possible suspicious / unfamiliar activity.  We believe this makes us one of the most secure Online Investment Platforms whilst aiming to maintain the simplest user experience for our investors.

More Returns:

We have now paid investors over 262,000 dividends and over US $650,000 has been returned through our dividend paying funds.  We now bring you more choice than ever before to help maximise your returns by selecting the currency that you wish to receive your dividends in from our supported crypto-currencies, including both Bitcoin and Ether amongst others.  

More Investors:

We are delighted to have over 18,250 ‘genuine’ registered professional investor members on our platform and growing, who are waiting for more Financial & Technological Innovation Investment opportunities to invest in.  First time qualifying investors are able to receive a complimentary investment on us.  Click here to find an opportunity you like.

More Financial Innovation:

If you are involved in Financial & Technological Innovation, then we would love to receive your application and explore if you can raise investment with us.  79% of companies that have listed on our platform so far have raised at least their minimum funding goal.  You can see our live Pitch statistics and success rates when you scroll down at the end of our home page.  Once you have checked them out, make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.

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