Gameflip live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Gameflip live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Co Purchase 70% bonus Pre-Sale Tokens in GameFlip – a VC Backed Digital Goods Gaming Marketplace Platform built on the Blockchain.

Gameflip, a Silicon Valley company funded by top tier VC’s, is operating a digital goods marketplace platform with more than 2 million registered users and 500,000 monthly actives and are now launching the FLIP token.


Gameflip is a Silicon Valley company funded by top tier venture capital investors, with more than $10 million raised. They have already built one of the largest digital goods

marketplace platforms, with more than 2 million registered users and 500,000 monthly actives.

They now intend to leverage their knowledge of the gaming industry, the understanding of digital goods marketplaces, and the technological expertise of the current platform to grow and scale the new decentralized ecosystem.

Qualifying members can check out their token pitch here.


Our CEO and Co-Founder, Simon Dixon, was recently interviewed on the World Crypto Network, to discuss the recent announcement by CME group to launch their Bitcoin future market.

You can check out the video here:

Other BnkToTheFuture News:



Stash are building software that allows users to have full control over their money and assets and is launching a Convertible Note that also offers 75% Bonus Tokens on their upcoming token sale. You can check out the pitch here.  


Pundi X aims to put cryptocurrency point of sale terminals all over Indonesia and South East Asia. You can co-purchase with a 70% token bonus here.


Sense is backed by Blockchain Capital, Binary Financial, Hyperchain Capital and others in order to bring  their  decentralized, transparent, interoperable messaging platform to market. Sense enables anyone to chat and transact freely across centralized messaging applications and earn rewards for their conversational contributions across the Sensay platform and other applications. You can get a 25% bonus here.


Bitspark was our first token-only pitch from one of our previous portfolio companies that has now delivered their tokens to all purchasers on our platform and are trading now on the Bitshares exchange.


We have successfully beta launched our first two pre-sale token pitches that allow our members to co-purchase discounted tokens on the best terms via a Simple Agreement on Future Tokens (SAFT) contract. We have learnt a lot and look forward to bringing more deals like this to the platform. More details can be found here.


We make a point of not holding client Bitcoins as we believe users should be taking full advantage of owning their own assets. Another advantage of owning your own Bitcoin is you gain any coins that result from a hard fork. Please withdraw any dividends you hold on your account in Bitcoin so that you can take full advantage of this as this is not something our platform will support. More details here.

OVER $197,500,000 INVESTED:

We have now passed $197m invested in funding rounds listed on our Online Investment Platform. We thank every investor who have contributed to an investment in the Future of Finance and Technology. More details can be found on our home page


We have now paid our BnkToTheFuture Professional Investor Members over 853,000 dividends and over $16,500,000 has been returned through our dividend paying funds.


We are delighted to have over 44,900 (and counting) real active registered BF Professional Investor Members on our Online Investment Platform who are waiting for more Financial & Technological Innovation Investment opportunities to invest in.  Click here to find an opportunity you like.


If you are involved in Financial Innovation & Technology then we would love to receive your application and explore if you can raise investment with us. Whether you have a ICO / Token Sale, equity or other offering, 89% of companies that have listed on our Online Investment Platform so far have raised at least their minimum funding goal. You can make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.



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