New Feature on the Bnk To The Future Secondary Market

New Feature on the Bnk To The Future Secondary Market

We are glad to announce a new update on our Secondary Market which lets you access company information with ease.


Markets Page is now integrated with the Company Information page


We have integrated the markets page of the secondary market listings with the company information page. When you click to trade on any of the SPVs the new page that opens is designed to help you find more information about the company directly from there. You will see different tabs you can click on: Company Info, Discussion, Investor Zone and the Market.

  • Company Info tab contains information like the company’s introduction, its type, location, history of the funding rounds, etc.
  • Discussion tab allows the Bnk To The Future’s investors to discuss about the company, investment opportunity, ask questions, reply to other member’s queries, etc.
  • Investor Zone lets only the existing investors who already own shares of that company have discussions with other existing investors only.
  • Market Page allows the Bnk To The Future’s qualifying investors to buy & sell shares in the SPV. You can also look at the order books to see various available buy and sell orders, view charts, etc.

This is how the new design looks:

markets pagespvcompany info

(Note: Bitfinex SPV is just one of the companies available to trade on the Bnk To The Future secondary market, the feature works exactly the same for all available SPVs on the BF secondary market)

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