Portfolio Section Update: View Live Transactions.

Portfolio Section Update: View Live Transactions.

Now you can view all your transactions in the Portfolio section of your account.

After receiving some feedback from our investors, we started working on a new feature that lets investors know which payments are ‘Cancelled’ and which are ‘Paid’. We have now successfully released this feature within the portfolio section of your BF Account for added transparency and convenience.

This is a stop-gap while we redevelop the complete portfolio which we shared details on here.

To confirm your investment status, you may log into your BF account and select the portfolio option within your account. You can then view all your transactions that are live and have not closed yet, and any live transaction marked as ‘Paid’ means your investment has been confirmed. You can also click on the pending tab and If you see a pending investment displaying the amount of your investment, it means your investment has been marked as “Paid”.

With this new feature you will be able to check for yourself fast and easy which of your transactions are cancelled and which are paid.

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