What documents do I submit for EDD?

What documents do I submit for EDD?

Enhanced Due Diligence
Under our new onboarding system you may be required to provide information on your Source of Funds and Source of Wealth.
Source of Funds (SOF) – where the funds you are investing, originate from
Source of Wealth (SOW) – Confirmation of what your entire wealth i.e your current accumulated assets (not limited to the amount you are investing on the platform)
You will be presented with some SOW/SOF categories that may apply to you. If there are additional categories that apply to you that are not listed or the categories presented do not apply then click other and provide a brief explanation
You will then be asked to submit supporting documents/evidences of these including ;

  • Most recent Bank Statement (showing transaction(s) that funded the investment). 
  • Most recent Crypto Wallet Statement (showing transaction(s) that funded the investment).
  • – Income – Pay Slip or equivalent/ Screenshots of financial statements or bank statements showing regular salary payments in/ business dividends.  
  • – Crypto Investment – Evidence of ownership of Crypto Wallet/ screenshots of Account showing balances including transactions
  • – Savings – Bank Statement/ Financial Statement displaying balances
  • – Investments – Dividend certificate/ Exchange Statement (In the case of crypto currencies)/ A letter from a broker, lawyer, accountant or other regulated financial institution explaining your Source of Funds/Wealth and that they have seen the supporting documents
  • – Lottery Winnings/ Gambling – a copy of your receipt proving your winnings, bank statement or screenshot of your account showing the amount and source of the winnings.

Any documents you submit should cumulatively account for or explain how you will fund the expected investment amounts into the platform (SOF) i.e if you have stated you intend to invest/trade $50,000 -$100,000 then your income statements and savings should reflect this amount.
Uploading Documents/Evidence of SOW/SOF:
You will have the option to upload multiple documents to support your SOF/SOW statements. These should be either images of the documents or screenshots of your online account.
Images of your document
Please ensure any documents you submit are clear and in focus
They should contain the following details in the image
Your Name
Your address or other identifying information
The date of the Statement (within the last 90 days) or within 1 year in the case of balance statements/ annual returns etc.
The name of the Company or Agency that has generated the document
Evidence of Assets/ Funds

Screenshot while logged in your account 

You may provide a screenshot of your SOF/SOW document if it is an online app or account but we will need to see the following details in the image.
Your Name
Your address or other identifying information
The date of the Statement (within the last 90 days) or when you logged in
The name of the Company or Agency that you have an account with
Evidence of Assets/ Funds
The URL of the screenshot

(Examples above  redacted for privacy)
If all the above details cannot be captured in one screenshot or the URL is not displayed such as in an app, then you will need to provide multiple screenshots showing the information above displayed in the relevant pages and to show that the images are linked

Please ensure you capture date and time on the computer/Phone in your screenshot if not displayed on account to show the screenshots are linked OR if you are unable to show all the required information in one or more linked screenshots.

Please Note:
All documents must contain your name, your residential address and a date, the date on the document must be no more than 90 days old at the time of submission ( With the exception of some documents that have a half yearly, or annual renewal date, such as – Tax statement/ Annual Return etc.)

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