Pitch Investment
Fees when investing in particular pitches
crypto payments - 1% *
internal transfer payment - 0% (USDT only)
Dividend/Distribution fee
Payout to BF Funds account in event of a Dividend/Distribution
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Token distribution fee
Payment to BF in event of distribution of a Virtual Asset and/or security token
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Corporate Action Administration fee
Corporate Action
Up to 5%
Exit event / Share Distribution
Payout to BF Funds account in event of Company Exit / Distribution of shares
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Secondary Market Taker (Sell)
Trade Buyer's Fee
1.25% if paid in BFT ****
2.50% if paid in USDT
Secondary Market Maker (Buy)
Trade Seller's Fee
1.25% if paid in BFT ****
2.50% if paid in USDT (Tether)
Secondary Market OTC Trade
Trade conducted (under special circumstances) over the counter
2.5% both parties with minimum of $1,500 USDT (Tether) payable
Share Transfer Legal Fee
Shares are non-transferable unless they trade on our secondary market. In case of transfer all legal fees will need to be covered to complete the transfer legal agreements.
$1,500 USDT (Tether) per share transfer
Raising finance
Standard service fee for raising funds with BF

Standard service fee for raising funds with BF US SP
from 5% + $2,000 USDT (Tether)

from 5% + $5,000 USDT (Tether)
Publicly listed shares
Public Company Share Sale Brokerage fee
Fees charged for the sale of listed Investee Securities
$200 USD
Public Company Third party custody fee
Fees charged for the custody by a designated custodian. Charged in kind.
0.20% per month on quantity of securities
Public Company Share Sale Fractional shares
The order execution is rounded down to the nearest whole number, with any fractional share being charged as a fee.
Virtual Asset trading
Fee when trading Virtual Assets
0.5% ***** with a minimum net amount for each order of $100 USD (either in Virtual Asset or USDT (Tether))
Virtual Asset Deposits
Depositing Virtual Assets on Bnktothefuture custody funds
Purchase of BFT on the BF Platform
10% fee
Recovery fee
Attempting to recover Virtual Asset lost following an Unsolicited Transaction
from $5,000 USDT (Tether)
USD withdrawn as digital currency (USDT)
Withdrawing USDT (Tether) from BF custody funds
Tether - Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)

Tether on Ethereum - Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)
Fiat Withdrawal
Withdrawing fiat to a Bank account
1% with a minimum $100 USD
Other Crypto Withdrawal
Withdrawing digital currencies from BF custody funds
Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)
Fiat Deposits
Depositing fiat currencies on BF custody funds
Staking fees
Fees applied to staking rewards
Time-lock Staking Fees
1-year time-lock
2-year time-lock
3-year time-lock
4-year time-lock
5-year time-lock
Account set-up fee (SP incorporation, custody, legal, tax & compliance)
$2,000 USDT (Tether)
Monthly subscription fee
$49.99 USDT (Tether)
Withdrawal fees incl. buy-back/dividend
Within 1st year of capital contribution

2nd to 5th year

Beyond 5th year


Transfer of shares fee
as above
Custody Transfer Fee
Dividends administration & other admin action fee
$100 USDT (Tether)
Other third-party fees (e.g. FX and gas)
At actual cost incurred

* Occasionally selected pitches may charge an investment fee on top but this would be fully disclosed on the pitch.

** To cover the blockchain transaction fees you will be charged up to 2.0% of the transaction amount or a minimum of $20 USD in the relevant Virtual Asset.

*** Exact fees may vary depending on particular SPV details

**** Price in BFT is set in the time of creating an order

***** Applies to non-BFT trades. A deposit of USD fiat then withdrawal of USDT, without other activity on the platform, shall be considered a virtual asset trade.