Pitch Investment
Fees when investing in particular pitches
crypto payments - 1% *
internal transfer payment - 0% (USD only)
Crypto Deposits
Depositing digital currencies on Bnktothefuture custody funds
Fiat Deposits
Depositing fiat currencies on BF custody funds
USD withdrawn as digital currency (USDT)
Withdrawing Tether from BF custody funds
Tether - Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)

Tether on Ethereum - Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)
Other Crypto Withdrawal
Withdrawing digital currencies from BF custody funds
Free ** (Blockchain Fees Deducted)
Fiat Withdrawal
Withdrawing fiat to a Bank account
1% with a minimum 100 USD
Dividend/Distribution fee
Payout to BF Funds account in event of a Dividend/Distribution
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Token distribution fee
Payment to BF in event of distribution of a cryptocurrency and/or security token
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Administration fee
Corporate Action
Up to 5%
Exit event / Share Distribution
Payout to BF Funds account in event of Company Exit / Distribution of shares
Transfer costs + 5% ***
Secondary Market Maker (Buy)
Trade Seller's Fee
1.25% if paid in BFT ****

2.50% if paid in USD*
Secondary Market Taker (Sell)
Trade Buyer's Fee
1.25% if paid in BFT ****

2.50% if paid in USD*
Secondary Market OTC Trade
Trade conducted (under special circumstances) over the counter
2.5% both parties with minimum of $1,500 payable
Cryptocurrency trading
Fee when trading Cryptocurrency
0.5%***** with a minimum net amount for each order of $100 (either in Cryptocurrency or USD*)
Purchase of BFT on the BF Platform
10% fee
Recovery fee
Attempting to recover Cryptocurrency lost following Unsolicited Transaction
From $5,000
Raising finance
Standard service fee for raising funds with BF

Standard service fee for raising funds with BF US SP
from 5% + 2000 USD

from 5% + 5000 USD
Share Transfer Legal Fee
Shares are non-transferable unless they trade on our secondary market. In case of transfer all legal fees will need to be covered to complete the transfer legal agreements.
$1,500 per share transfer
RPB Portfolio Builder - Account set-up fee (SP incorporation & custody set up)
RPB Portfolio Builder - Monthly subscription fee
RPB Portfolio Builder - Withdrawal fees incl. buy-back/dividend
RPB Portfolio Builder - Withdrawal fees
Within 1st year of capital contribution
RPB Portfolio Builder - Withdrawal fees
2nd to 5th year
RPB Portfolio Builder - Withdrawal fees
Beyond 5th year
RPB Portfolio Builder - Transfer of shares fee
Effecting transfer of your SP shares
as above
RPB Portfolio Builder - Custody Transfer Fee
The fee charged by BF for the conversion and transfer of USD* to USD fiat to the Custodian.
RPB Portfolio Builder - Dividends administration & other admin action fee
Administrative process
RPB Portfolio Builder - Other third-party fees
(e.g. FX and gas)
At actual cost incurred

* Occasionally selected pitches may charge an investment fee on top but this would be fully disclosed on the pitch.

** To cover the blockchain transaction fees you will be charged up to 2.0% of the transaction amount or a minimum of $20 in the relevant Cryptocurrency.

*** Exact fees may vary depending on particular SPV details

**** Price in BFT is set in the time of creating an order

***** Applies to non-BFT trades