Bitcoin Group live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Bitcoin Group live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Bitcoin Group launches the world’s first Bitcoin Mining IPO. Now qualifying investors can get involved in a pre-IPO round through BnkToTheFuture

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The first Bitcoin mining company to float on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is now live and open to qualifying investors to invest pre-IPO through a BnkToTheFuture vehicle.

A block of the Bitcoin Group pre-IPO Shares has been allocated exclusively for qualifying investors on BnkToTheFuture to invest the same way other institutional investors have been investing before the company goes public.

The company is due to go public on the Australian Securities Exchange in November 2015 so there is a well defined liquid exit strategy for investors.

Qualifying investors can check out the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin Group pre-IPO here:

  • Registered on 4th September 2014, the company has turned a gross profit of $431,000 AUD for financial year 2015 after establishing its first mining operation in January 2015.
  • Bitcoin Group Limited (ASX code BCG) received an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) approval for a AU$20 million Initial Public Offering (IPO), so there is a well defined liquid exit for investors.
  • Bitcoin Group offers investors exposure to the new Bitcoin mining industry.  It is like a traditional gold and oil mining stock but for the real world of Bitcoin.

Qualifying investors can check out Bitcoin Group here.

Other BnkToTheFuture News

Another First:

Congratulations to Storj for moving into overfunding in the first week!  Over $500,000 subscribed by investors.  This is our first convertible note deal.  You can check out more about Storj here.

And Another First:

Everybody is talking about Ethereum, the most talked about Blockchain since Bitcoin, so we wanted to give investors a very easy way of receiving Ether dividends every day for those that want to speculate on the growth of Ethereum.  You can check out more details about our Ethereum Mining Backed Security here.


E-coin launched on our platform last week as they aim to bring Bitcoin Debit Cards to the masses so that you can spend your Bitcoin any place where VISA / Mastercard is accepted in Euros, Great British Pounds or US Dollars. Qualifying investors can check out E-coin here.

More Returns:

To date, we have had approximately $35m invested through our platform in financial innovation & technology investment opportunities and we are very proud to have paid investors tens of thousands of dividends already, thanks to financial innovation & technology that you can only find with us.  We thank you for investing in the future of finance.  You can see our latest statistics on our homepage here.

Congratulations to all Investors:

Congratulations to all SMBS (StartCoin Mining Backed Securities) and Bitcoin Capital Tranche 2 investors who are now receiving their daily dividends. 

Complimentary Investment on us:

First time qualifying investors are able to receive a complimentary investment on us.  Click here to find an opportunity that you like.

More Financial & Technological Innovation:

If you are involved in financial innovation & technology then we would love to receive your application to raise investment with us.  You can see our live pitch statistics and success rates when you scroll down at the bottom of our home page.  Once you have checked them out, make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.

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