Bitcoin in India with Unocoin CEO | BnkToTheFuture (BF)Live Ep. 55

Bitcoin in India with Unocoin CEO | BnkToTheFuture (BF)Live Ep. 55

Simon Dixon of went live for BF Live Episode 55 with Sathvik V. CEO of, one of the largest crypto exchanges in India to discuss their journey of bringing bitcoin & crypto back in the market. Simon also covered the impact of this global pandemic on Unocoin, followed by a live AMA session to answer questions relating to FinTech, Crypto & Finance.

00:05 – Introduction to Sathvik, CEO UNOCOIN
01:42 – Background of UNOCOIN
11:05 – Adoption curve in the early days
13:08 – UNOCOIN funding rounds
16:07 – Major Roadblocks in the early days
21:30 – 2016 Demonitisation and BTC in India
25:50 – 2017 bubble cycle and UNOCOIN’s perspective
29:15 – 2018 restrictions on the trade of crypto in India and the impact on Business
35:36 – Innovating solutions in crisis time
41:15 – What kept Unocoin going despite the harsh environment?
45:59 – Current BTC situation in India
52:04 – BTC in India during this Pandemic
56:39– Live Q&A session

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