Bnk To The Future Live Ep. 15 | Kraken Partnership & Equity

Bnk To The Future Live Ep. 15 | Kraken Partnership & Equity


Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder of Bnk To The Future) went live on BF Live Episode – 15 to give updates on the Kraken Partnership & Equity as well as the latest news on what’s happening on Bnk To The Future platform. He also answered some questions from the community.
You can view the Kraken pitch here.


04:19 – How Bnk To The Future Works (What is an SPV? & more)

06:09 – Update on pitches

13:12 – Update on BFT (Bnk To The Future Token)

15:17 Demo of Bnk To The Future platform & the BF Secondary Market

21:07 Portfolio News

26:40 New features on the Bnk To The Future platform

33:32 – Live Q/A session

(Some questions that were answered by Simon:
What does a certified or an accredited investor mean?
Can you invest even if your earnings do not meet the required criteria?
What is a lock-in period?
How is the valuation of a company determined on Bnk To The Future?
Where can you buy the BFT (BF Token) from?

& more)

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