BnkToTheFuture Identity [BF ID] (Phase-1): Organizational Accounts

BnkToTheFuture Identity [BF ID] (Phase-1): Organizational Accounts

BF ID (Phase 1)- Verifying & Certifying Organisational Accounts


BF Identity solution allows companies and organisations to sign up, verify & certify themselves on Our investors can now create organizational accounts on BnkToTheFuture through the BF ID.

Organizational account on BFClick here to sign up.

BF Identity  (Phase-2) – Individual Accounts.

BF Identity  (Phase-2) will also allow individual investors to verify and certify themselves.

BF Identity  (Phase-3) – Brokerage account creation.

With BF ID (Phase 3) we will be integrating with EU compliant broker-dealer and US Compliant broker-dealer as well as BnkToTheFuture’s Cayman Islands Securities Business.

BF Identity (Phase -4) – Using Investor status on other platforms.

BF Identity (Phase -4) will allow investors to use BF ID Investor Status on Other platforms like the planned BnkToTheFuture Securities Token Exchange powered by BFT (BnkToTheFuture Token). It will also let the investors use their investor status on any other platform that uses BF ID in the future, saving them the time and hassle of going through the entire verification & certification process. 

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