BnkToTheFuture Investors Cash-In on Bitstamp Exit

BnkToTheFuture Investors Cash-In on Bitstamp Exit

Having been an early investor in leading digital currency exchange Bitstamp, as we hosted their early funding round on our online investment platform for investors, we’d like to announce Bitstamp’s acquisition by NXMH, a Belgium-based investment company. This results in the liquidation of their assets and an exit for our BnkToTheFuture investors who have now all received their exit proceeds. The full details on Price and Valuation are confidential to shareholders as BitStamp and the acquirers did not disclose the exact amount to the public.

Bitstamp, having one of the most successful early equity investment rounds on the online investment platform, also served as a significant indicator that the appetite for investing in digital asset companies is being fuelled by the increased trust placed in digital assets globally. We are starting to see more and more merger and acquisition activity in our industry allowing early investors through to cash in on their returns. This will become more frequent as also prepares to launch its Secondary Market for buying and selling equity in the most valuable Bitcoin and Blockchain companies in the industry.

In light of the recent news, it was announced that 424 investors achieved their profitable exit due to ⁦Bitstamp⁩’s asset liquidation. Selling the company was a bold decision resulting in high returns on investment acquired by the stakeholders in Bitstamp even in the recent crypto bear market.

Bitstamp is a European-based cryptocurrency marketplace, that allows people from all around the globe to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely. Having been around since the first generation of exchanges went online, they serve as a stepping stone between the traditional financial and digital currency worlds.

While being regularly approached by various suitors, Bitstamp has been declining offers until now.  Among the reasons for selling the company they name three main ones: the quality of the buyer, the quality of the offer and the fact that the industry is at a point where consolidation makes sense. Yet the main reason behind their decision is the fact that the mission, leadership and vision of the company remain the same.

Bitstamp assures their exchange users that acquisition will not only leave their trading experience, account safety and charges unaltered, but will strengthen the company’s growth, which will provide opportunities to better serve their existing and future customers.

The leaders behind the exit also share the positive outlook on the outcome of the acquisition.

“We are glad that investors were the only other investors besides Pantera Capital that benefited from this multi-million dollar exit. BitStamp is an early pioneer in the crypto industry and we were very happy to back them early in their growth cycle. investors got to lock in their returns and diversify their portfolio further with the launch of our secondary market for the most valuable Bitcoin and Blockchain companies,” – says Simon Dixon, CEO of

“Bitstamp has come a long way since we started in a garage with two laptops and EUR 1000 seven years ago. We believe this acquisition is the logical next step in Bitstamp’s growth as a company and I look forward to the future with this team”,  – says Nejc Kodrič, Bitstamp’s CEO.

By supporting the most promising companies and market leaders in the Bitcoin and Blockchain sector, we aim to continue to provide fast-growing equity and security token opportunities for Bnk To The Future investors which are a subject to all our usual risk warnings.

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