RSK (RIF Token) Update: The 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) Just Closed

RSK (RIF Token) Update: The 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) Just Closed

The 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) closed on the morning of November 28, 2018, and we don’t think it will be an unlucky deal number 13.

This was an opportunity to purchase tokens in the private sale issued by RSK who are aiming to lead a major technological shift within the next decade through Bitcoin. Investors with over 10,000 BFT tokens in their account got an exclusive buying opportunity that was not open to anybody else.

Previous deals like this include equity in Securitize where we were investing alongside Coinbase Ventures, OXEX, Blockchain Capital and other top ties crypto investors, Telegram TON network and 11 other exclusive deals. Older investors on the online investment platform also got exposure to equity in companies like Kraken, BitFinex, BitStamp, BitPay and ShapeShift among others.

RSK – What was the 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) about?

Many investors are forecasting that all of the world’s assets will be represented by a digital token on a Blockchain in the future as the world gets ready for security tokens – an area Bnk To The Future is investing and building in as we speak.

But there is a critical component to make this future a reality, and that is smart contracts. This application of the blockchain is automating processes and compliance within the security token asset itself. Currently, all this innovation is happening on Ethereum, but what if it could happen on the most secure Blockchain – Bitcoin?

Rootstock (RSK) is a very promising smart contract platform that utilizes the huge power of Bitcoin miners to secure the network. It aims to be the most secure owing to being built on top of Bitcoin, the blockchain with the largest hash power and the one that has survived the longest.

Rootstock has working products in the market already and has built a network of major partners, which includes the likes of Xapo, BitPay, Digital Currency Group, Antpool, and many others.

On November 18, 2018, the team behind the project announced the launch of RIF Labs, a blockchain development lab that comes with the capacity to scale as well as interoperate smart contracts on RSK, with those running on other blockchains – the first in the space.

The RSK private token sale you may have missed

In the month of August, RSK completed a private token sale through which it managed to sell 22,000 BTC of RIF tokens to instructional investors and miners as strategic partners of the network. This private sale was for strategic reasons only with no public sale set to launch.

Bnk To The Future participated in the private sale and as a strategic partner was allocated a good amount of private sale. PAD members of Bnk To The Future who held a minimum of 10,000 Bnk To The Future Tokens (BFT) on their account were offered a part of our allocation as a thank you to our BFT community shortly after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

The exclusive Priority Acess RSK Deal deal was finalized on November, 28 with 131 investors receiving 189.403 789 282 Bitcoin or 4,398,802 US Dollars. Just like we did with our Telegram token sale allocation, we provided the RSK PAD to those who have given the most to the BFT community and notified them exclusively by email.

To avoid missing another opportunity like this qualifying investors must create a fully verified and certified account on and deposit at least 10,000 BFT to their account. Other perks coming soon to BFT token holders include 50% discounted trading fees when purchasing shares in the most valuable Bitcoin and Blockchain companies on our secondary market and BF Wallet integrations allowing you to hold your BFT and other security tokens on your mobile device.

We plan to have more PADs in the coming days.

To receive an invite to our coming priority access deals keep the balance of 10,000 BFT tokens in your account. You can buy the BFT tokens on Huobi, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Gate, Upbit, and Bittrex exchanges.

Aside from having a go at investment deals before other investors, other perks of being on the priority access deal email list will include rewards for due diligence, investor relations support and discounts on secondary market trading fees in the future.

BnkToTheFuture is a platform that facilitates those who want to invest in financial technology (Fintech) startups around the world. We invite qualifying investors to join the exclusive class and sample these startups before everyone else has a chance to join.

In many cases, all the investment on offer is sold at the PAD stage. Top up your account if you are a qualifying investor and watch out for future investment opportunities.

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