How to get certified as HNW (Tier 4)

How to get certified as HNW (Tier 4)

Due to regulatory restrictions, Bnk To The Future can only accept High Net Worth accredited investors. Under US law, accredited investors can be composed of High Net Worth, High Income, or Sophisticated categories. The latter two are, however, not acceptable under Cayman Islands requirements.
Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to get certified as HNW (Tier 4).
Note: please follow these steps first to change the net worth you indicated during verification:

1. Log in to your BF account.
2. Go to your profile menu at the top-right, then select Identity from the drop-down.
3. Click on the “re-submit your verification” link.
4. Choose “light version” then click Next Step.
5. Under Additional Info & Virtual Assets, scroll down until you see net worth, and choose the correct value (this needs to be at least $1M to qualify for high net worth certification). Submit.
Tier 4 certification:
1. Log in to your BF account and choose Identity from the dropdown menu at the top-right.
2. Click the Start Certification button.
3. On the next page, choose a certification option based on the document(s) you plan to submit.

After selecting any of these options, you will be provided with a detailed guide, a list of acceptable documents, and links to prescribed certification templates.

Our team will review your proof of net worth and notify you when this has been completed or in case additional info/files are needed. Please make sure to follow the on-screen instructions for verification and certification process in order to avoid delays in your certification.

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