How to get certified as HNW (Tier 4)

How to get certified as HNW (Tier 4)

Below is our step-by-step instructions on how to get your BF account certified to invest in securities known as a Tier 4 account.
This guide will comprehensively lead you through the process of certifying your BF account, a necessary step to enable you to invest in securities. 

Whilst investors are welcome to invest in virtual assets such as Bitcoin, ETH and Stablecoins using our registered virtual asset service provider without certifying their net worth, regulatory restrictions require Bnk To The Future to only accept High Net Worth investors when investing in securities for now. 

Anticipating the evolving landscape, we have proactively secured an additional licence to extend securities offerings to qualifying non-high net worth investors in the future. Hence, we encourage you to prepare your account accordingly, regardless of your current high net worth status. 

Outlined below are step-by-step instructions for obtaining certification for investing in securities, a classification known as a Tier 4 account.

STEP 1: Log in to your BF account here.

STEP 2:  Go to your profile menu in the top-right corner, then select ‘Identity’ from the drop-down.

STEP 3: First check if your account has been verified and is approved. If your account hasn’t been approved or if the verification has expired, you should proceed with the Verification process by uploading the necessary identity and proof of address documents. If your verification is successfully approved, you’ll be all set for the next phase.


STEP 4: Navigate to the “Provide Suitability Information” section and initiate the process by clicking on the “Start Process” link to provide the necessary Suitability information.

STEP 5: Carefully review all the provided information and make sure to indicate that your net worth is $1 million or more. This step will unlock the High Net Worth investor certification process. If your net worth is less than $1 million, you will be directed through the non-high-net-worth investor certification process, which will then ensure you are only able to invest in securities that match with your suitability information.

STEP 6: Choose one or more of the provided statements that are applicable to your situation. To ensure suitability for long-term investing in securities, we require an understanding of your experience and investment time horizon.

STEP 7: In the ‘Financial Risk Assessment’ section, you’ll be prompted to select the types of services, transactions, and regulated investments that you are familiar with by ticking the respective boxes.

The next section asks you about your Investment time horizon.

Once you have submitted all suitability information and selected that you have a net worth of $1m or greater, you are ready to complete the High Net Worth Certification Process. 


STEP 8: Proceed to complete the ‘Certification Quiz.’ Successfully passing the certification quiz is required to progress. If any of your answers are incorrect, you will be prompted to retake the quiz until you can demonstrate a clear understanding of private equity securities.

STEP 9: Once you’ve passed the Quiz, you’ll be redirected to a summary page displaying all your answers. On the subsequent page, you’ll be asked to agree to our terms and risk warnings before proceeding to the ‘Full Certification’ page.

STEP 10: In order to access exclusive investments in securities available to High Net Worth investors, the following page will offer you a selection of certification options based on the document(s) you intend to submit.


Evidence of Net Worth Option

In order to certify as High Net Worth, please upload one or more documents confirming that your net worth exceeds $1M (USD). Please find below the different options possible:

Note: Your net worth can be a combination of several options listed below (for instance $600k bank statement + $500k crypto statement in custody). In that case, please upload the different statements. 

Net worth consists of assets-liabilities (debt). You have four options to prove your assets listed below. 

Proof 1 – Proof of Assets 

When it comes to certifying your net worth, you have the flexibility to choose from four distinct options, allowing you to select the one that aligns best with your preferences.

Third Party Letter Option


If you selected the option to have a third party authenticate your net worth instead then you will need to upload a third party authentication letter instead of providing proof of assets and liabilities to us. You can use an official third party (public certified accountant, licensed attorney, regulated finance professional) in order to certify the total assets of your entity and upload this letter.

STEP 11: Once submitted, our team will review your proof of net worth documents and notify you once completed. In case additional information or documents are needed you will receive an email. Please make sure to follow the on-screen instructions for the verification and certification process in order to avoid having to repeat the process causing delays in your certification.

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