Investing In Unicorns | BnkToTheFuture Case Studies | BF LIVE #86

Investing In Unicorns | BnkToTheFuture Case Studies | BF LIVE #86

If you survived the Bitcoin crash and accumulated some ‘Bitcoin On Sale’ then congratulations!

Of course our investors have strong diamond hands. It’s easier to hold on for your dear life (HODL) when your portfolio contains shares in crypto exchanges. As an exchange shareholder you benefit from crashes as your shares become more valuable as trading volume increases.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Simon Dixon will be going live and updating investors on the latest multi-billion dollar unicorns that are emerging from investments made by our early-adopting community of investors at BnkToTheFuture.

Join Simon Dixon today on BF LIVE at 4pm UTC / 5pm BST / 12pm EDT where he will cover and update investors on:

  • Multi Billion Dollar Unicorn investments made on BnkToTheFuture and how to get involved.
  • Case studies from investors that have received returns through acquisitions, dividends and IPOs.
  • How to survive Bitcoin crashes using portfolio theory rather than trading.

Submit your questions in our new style format for the Q&A part of the livestream:

P.S. We have plenty more deals coming, but due to the strength of our BFT Premium Membership, deals keep selling out before they go live. The need to be a BFT Premium Member is becoming more and more important. To learn more about becoming a BFT Premium Member login to your account and click on the membership tab here.

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