Redefining Banking With FV Bank | BF LIVE #88

Redefining Banking With FV Bank | BF LIVE #88

FV Bank is open to our Premium Members now and will be opening up to all in the next 48 hours. You will then be able to invest in a bank which is bringing crypto, DeFi and conventional banking together.

Over 20 years in the making, FV Bank was founded to serve financial technology companies and offer crypto friendly personal bank accounts globally. FV Bank is raising finance to re-define banking by combining online banking and digital asset management into a single account. As a licensed custodian and bank, FV Bank are removing friction from buying, selling, holding, and settling funds.

Join Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture) Today at 4pm UTC /5pm BST / 12pm EDT, as he interviews the founders of FV Bank: Miles Paschini (Founder & CEO) and Nitin Agarwal (Founder & CRO).

5 things you should know about FV Bank:

  1. They are LIVE and operating a licensed bank;
  2. They are a licensed digital asset custodian;
  3. They have an experienced management team;
  4. They are focused on supporting business accounts and customers in the FinTech and blockchain space;
  5. They have a seamless integration of traditional online banking and digital assets.

Join Simon Dixon and the founders of FV Bank as they discuss the new funding round.

It’s a 1 hour LIVE show where Simon Dixon interviews the team. The second segment of the show is where you – the investor – get to ask your questions or you can upvote other peoples questions on the following link or use the code BF88 when you visit (No account needed).


From The BF Investor Relations Team

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