Ribbit live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Ribbit live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Ribbit.me are bringing reward loyalty schemes like air miles and hotel points to the Blockchain.  They already have US$1,464,100 invested from 26 qualifying investors and will be closing shortly when they reach US$1.5m.

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Do you love all those air miles you clock up or those hotel rewards and supermarket points you accumulate?  Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could use all your loyalty points, such as your air miles, anywhere just like money while they are stored in one place on a Blockchain.

Just as importantly, what if the companies running loyalty schemes could find a way to significantly reduce their balance sheet exposure to their existing reward loyalty schemes at the same time as offering their customers a better loyalty scheme?

Ribbit are doing just that using the Blockchain.  Ribbit have secured their first few corporate clients and are open to a few more qualifying investors on our platform here.

They are not doing any overfunding so there is only a very small part of the round left for qualifying investors here.

  • Ribbit are enabling the $100 billion USD per year (and growing) loyalty industry to benefit from a cheaper, faster, and more secure solution with more client targeting power due to Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology that removes friction while adding new dynamic utility.  
  • Contract secured to launch first proof-of-concept with Boloro in Q2 2016 – a mobile payment processor network expanding into 15 new countries.
  • Chosen as a finalist in the Santander Distributed Ledger Innoventure competition in NYC in Jan 2016 after securing offices in the invite-only Barclays Rise co-working space in New York.
  • The only blockchain platform solution that has signed up corporates for the Loyalty Industry that we know of.

Qualifying investors can check out Ribbit.me here while the last bit of stock is available.

In The News

Our CEO & Co-Founder – Simon Dixon, was invited on CNBC and RT last month to discuss the “Banks’ war on Bitcoin”.  It all began when Bitcoin transaction volume reached record highs and banks set about launching their own Blockchain.  Simon broke the news first on CNBC, then was invited for a more in depth interview on RT.  

Here’s the full length interview on RT:

Other BnkToTheFuture News

  • Congratulations to Gold who just launched their funding round to use artificial intelligence, big data and the Blockchain to issue peer to peer loans globally, developed by a leading team of data scientists.  They are already 11% subscribed and  Qualifying investors can check out their pitch here.
  • For those of you that missed the ShapeShift round last year, we just launched a new convertible note negotiated by Bitcoin Capital that you can subscribe to for the last time before their Series ‘A’ round launch.  ShapeShift is the digital asset exchange whose volume surpassed $3.3m last month alone (100% Month on Month growth, 1100% Year on Year growth).  Qualifying investors can check out the ShapeShift convertible note here.
  • Congratulations to Bitcoin Capital 3 who closed their funding round on our platform after raising US $846,684 from 345 of our qualifying investors and is currently working on several deals exclusively for Bitcoin Capital 3 investors who have been receiving dividends everyday in Bitcoin.  Through deals like Bitcoin Capital we have now paid investors over 195,000 dividends and over $500,000 has been returned through Bitcoin Capital.  
  • Those investors who would like to invest with other CryptoCurrencies may be pleased to hear that very shortly qualifying investors will be able to invest through our platform using 10 more CryptoCurrencies other than Bitcoin including Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash.  We are currently completing our tests for this upgrade and will go live with this new release very soon.  This also means that investors who are receiving daily dividends through one of their investments will be able to receive those dividends in different CryptoCurrencies should they choose to.  More on this to follow.
  • More Investors:  We are delighted to have over 17,300 registered professional investor members on our platform who are waiting for more Financial & Technological Innovation investment opportunities to invest in.  First time qualifying investors are able to receive a complimentary investment on us.  Click here to find an opportunity you like.
  • More Financial and Technological Innovation:  If you are involved in Financial & Technological Innovation, then we would love to receive your application and explore if you can raise investment with us.  80% of companies that have listed on our platform so far have raised at least their minimum funding goal.  You can see our live pitch statistics and success rates when you scroll down at the end of our home page.  Once you have checked them out, make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.

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