Tallysticks live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Tallysticks live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Invoice Financing is a hidden gem for banks.  It’s a $2 trillion a year market that few have even heard of. Tallysticks mission is to bring invoices onto the Blockchain and to launch a new invoice financing marketplace in the process.

Tallysticks have already reached their minimum funding goal and their pitch is now live for our qualifying investors that are seeking exposure to what maybe the future of invoice financing. 

Featured Pitch

Invoice financing is a big business for banks. Large companies take advantage of their payment terms to take a long time to pay invoices…often up to 6 months or more. 

Smaller suppliers need payments much sooner or in some cases up front, but because they don’t get paid quickly, they often are challenged by a cash flow gap. To plug this gap banks lend money against those invoices. 

Today, setting up invoice financing is a 6 week process, where at the end of it you feel like you’ve given away half your business. Tallysticks are aiming to take out all the hard work that SME’s currently have to go through to get their invoices financed.  

Qualifying investors can check out the Tallysticks funding round here. 

In The News

Just in case you missed it, our CEO and co-founder, Simon Dixon, released our ‘2016 Year In Review’ video.  Watch the full Year In Review here:

Other BnkToTheFuture News

New Pitch Live:

Chronicled is leading the integration between physical objects and the Blockchain in our first ‘Internet of Things’ deal to list on our Online Investment Platform. Check out their pitch here.

New Pitch Live:  Storj (Pre-Series ‘A’ Round):

Due to popular demand Storj has offered the remainder of their SAFE agreement before taking on their institutional Series ‘A’ round to qualifying investors on BnkToTheFuture. Storj is bringing file storage to the Blockchain and aiming to offer a cheaper, faster and more secure alternative to cloud storage provider Amazon S3. Qualifying investors can check out Storj here.

Congratulations To Bitstamp (Still Open A Little Longer): 

Bitstamp have now passed their funding goal and are currently taking on a few more investors in the ‘overfunding’ stage. They may close early, so to avoid disappointment check if the pitch is accepting more investors here. 

Bitfinex Conversion Pitch Has Now Raised Over $33,900,000:

Bitfinex and BnkToTheFuture have now facilitated the swap of over $33,900,000 worth of BFX tokens for Bitfinex equity, facilitated for victims of the recent theft. If you own BFX tokens and have a Bitfinex account more details can be found here. 

Over $124,000,000 Invested:

Our goal for 2016 was to pass $100m invested in funding rounds listed on our Online Investment Platform. We were delighted to have surpassed that goal and fast approaching $125,000,000. We thank every investor who have contributed to an investment in the Future of Finance and Technology. More details can be found in our 2016 Year In Review video. 

More Returns:

We have now paid our BnkToTheFuture Professional Investor Members over 580,000 dividends and over $1,600,000 has been returned through our dividend paying funds. Be sure to keep a look out for more dividend paying pitches coming soon only on – BnkToTheFuture. More details can be found in our 2016 Year In Review video. 

More Investors:

We are delighted to have over 34,600 (and counting) real active registered BF Professional Investor Members on our Online Investment Platform who are waiting for more Financial Innovation & Technology Investment opportunities to invest in. First time BnkToTheFuture qualifying investor members are able to receive a complimentary investment on us.  Click here to find an opportunity you like.

More Financial Innovation:

If you are involved in Financial Innovation & Technology, then we would love to receive your application and explore if you can raise investment with us.  82% of companies that have listed on our platform so far have raised at least their minimum funding goal. You can see our live pitch statistics and success rates when you scroll down at the end of our home page.  Once you have checked them out, make a quick application for finance here and we will follow up.  

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