2016 The Year In Review Video

2016 The Year In Review Video

3 Parts to the Year In Review

1.  Platform growth update
2.  Porfolio Update
3.  2017 for BnkToTheFuture.com, FinTech & The Future of Finance and Money.

1 – Platform growth update

  • 33,000 Registered professional investors
  • $122m invested since launch
  • Over 18,600 BTC
  • Over 22k investments.
  • 6,100% growth since we launched as a FinTech platform in May 2015
  • 190% growth from last year
  • 560k micro dividends paid returning over $1.6m to investors so far
  • Over 18,600 BTC invested. $17m. 14% of amount invested. Received funds as BTC rather than converting to fiat.
  • Over 22k investments.
  • Face to Face meetings over 100 Fund Managers in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Boston, San Francisco, New York.
  • Presentations in Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Thailand, USA, Dubai, Singapore, UK, Malaysia, Iceland
  • 2017 Countries – Australia, India, South Africa, South America, Africa.

2 – Portfolio Update

New portfolio investments – BitPay, Kraken, Bitfinex, BitStamp, TallySticks, Mega Upload 2, Storj, Maidsafe, BitSo, Unocoin, ZCash, EXODUS, BitWage, Loytal, BitSpark, CoinPayments, BSave, Brave New Coin, Tokenly, Credible Friends, Credits, Synereo and Airbitz.

Follow on funding – ShapeShift, BitPesa, Factom,

Highlighted stories

  • FinTech Story 1 – Unocoin and demonetization.
  • FinTech Story 2 – BitFinex hack & Bitcoin recovery.
  • FinTech Story 3 – BitSo and Mexican remittances in the era of Donald Trump.
  • FinTech Story 4 – Encryption and Privacy advancements from MegaUpload 2, MaidSafe and Storj.

3 – 2017 for BnkToTheFuture.com and FinTech

2017 for us – New investor tools – portfolio evaluation tools, tools to exchange investments, loan based products, secondary markets.

2017 for FinTech – Government’s war on cash. central banks new digital currencies. FinTech built upon central banking. More radical banking reform. Bail in legislation. Bank Privacy Updates.

Happy New Year!


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