The Easiest Way To Buy, Sell And Invest In Bitcoin, Ether And Other Stablecoins On BnkToTheFuture

The Easiest Way To Buy, Sell And Invest In Bitcoin, Ether And Other Stablecoins On BnkToTheFuture

Non-US members are now able to send any traditional currency supported by the SWIFT network from your bank (GBP, USD, EUR, JPY etc.) and convert them into a stablecoin. Once the stablecoin is in the funds section of your account you can convert to Bitcoin or Ether through our online investment platform at a great rate. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of your fiat currency at your bank and get into crypto. 

Simply login to your account and ensure you have completed your identity verification. You do not need to certify your account unless you also want to invest in the equity of Bitcoin, FinTech and crypto companies as part of your portfolio. You do not need to be a high net worth or qualifying investor to use this feature either. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1 – Once logged in to and your account is verified head over to the funds section of your account. 

Step 2 – To send funds from your bank account simply click the ‘Deposit with bank transfer’ button. 

NOTE – You can also send over stablecoins like Tether (USDT) if you have already converted your fiat and want to buy some Bitcoin or Ether.

Step 3 – Read the instructions carefully as any funds you deposit will be converted to USD* automatically no matter what currency you send over. Once understood click deposit. 

NOTE – There are hundreds of currencies supported by SWIFT. For a full list click here.

Step 4 – You can now select which currency you want to send to and if your currency is not listed select ‘Other’. Once completed you will be presented with bank details to our client Trust account where funds will be received and applied to your account. 

NOTE – Make sure you use the unique reference number with your bank every time to prevent any delays matching up your funds. Each transfer will present a new reference number. Bank transfers usually take 3 working days to make it through the banking system. 

Step 5 – Now that you have funds on your account, you can convert them to Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or back to stablecoins (USD* . USDT etc.). Simply click the manage button next to the currency you wish to convert. 

Step 6 – When you click manage you have the option to deposit, withdraw, buy or sell that currency. If you click sell you are able to sell that currency and buy another one like Bitcoin or Ether. 

Step 7 – Once you click sell you need to select the amount you wish to sell and the currency you want to buy (or convert it to). 

Step 8 – It will give you a live exchange rate that you can accept or decline and full details of any fees. The minimum net amount for each order is $100 (either in Cryptocurrency or USD*). Details of fees available here:

Step 9 – Click next to confirm your trade and get a full trade summary before accepting it. 

Step 10 – Click ‘confirm and trade’ and you will have one more chance to continue or cancel the trade. Once the trade is placed there is no way to reverse it, so please ensure you want to go ahead. 

That’s it! Full details of your trade and trade history are displayed on the page and you are ready to make another trade or invest your funds in a company on the platform, withdraw them or leave them where they are for the future. 

Through this feature you are now able to convert any of your exit proceeds, dividends or distributions that you may have received on from your investments in companies on BnkToTheFuture into Bitcoin, Ether and stablecoins too. 

If you hold a currency that is not supported by a company you wish to invest in, simply convert them to USD* using the steps above and you can invest without leaving the platform. 

NOTE – To invest in companies you will need to certify your account and become a qualifying investor. 

If you choose you can simply use the platform to buy Bitcoin, Ether and Stablecoins whenever you choose without building a portfolio of companies. 

Full details on the announcement can be found here. 


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