Update on TON (Telegram Open Network) Investment.

Update on TON (Telegram Open Network) Investment.

For all our investors that contributed to our syndicate for Telegram Open Network (TON) Issuer Inc. this is just a reminder that we have been posting updates on the investor zone each and every time we receive a new update. This information is private and confidential to our syndicate investors only. When our Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) invests it is bound by confidentiality clauses with the company it invests in. Please remind yourself and review our terms and conditions and NDA which you agreed to when joining/investing through our platform when reviewing such information. 

In a recent deposition of members of the Telegram team as a result of SEC enforcement action, certain information was discussed about the Bnk To The Future syndicate and, for the public record and interest, we wanted to post a public statement to clear up any misunderstanding and confusion that may be caused as a result. 

We started our conversations with TON Issuer Inc to syndicate a part of their second tranche of SAFT sales. Due to the number of investors behind our syndicate their banking partner receiving funds from investors did not have the resources to verify our KYC and AML policy in time for the close and review our KYC and AML data for each contributor to our syndicate. As a result, we joined another investor that had the resources to complete full KYC and AML on our entity and pooled our funds together in time for the close. The partner was the SAFT holder and we signed an agreement with them to receive our syndicate funds and invest them in the SAFT on our syndicate’s behalf having grown satisfied with our AML / KYC policies and procedures as well as compliance with international securities laws. 

We wanted to make this public statement to clear up any misunderstanding or confusion that may arise as a result of any comments as the case unfolds and will continue to post private and confidential updates on the investor zone as more information comes through.

Thank you for continuing to invest through BnkToTheFuture.com.

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