PRESS RELEASE: Bnk To The Future Approved To Offer Non-High Net Worth Securities Brokerage Services

PRESS RELEASE: Bnk To The Future Approved To Offer Non-High Net Worth Securities Brokerage Services

PRESS RELEASE DATE: Thursday, 19th October 2023
COUNTRY: Mauritius

A new addition to the Bnk To The Future Group, BF Global IB MU, has secured an Investment Dealer license (Full Service Dealer, Excluding Underwriting) from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius (License Number GB22201273). This expansion brings its investment platform to NonHighNetWorth (NonHNW) Investors outside of the United States.

Bnk To The Future, who is one of the longeststanding Bitcoin and Crypto companies and one of the world’s first regulated crypto securities businesses, is delighted to announce that its subsidiary has successfully secured its Investment Dealer license, to act as a Full Service Dealer, Excluding Underwriting, with the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius under the name BF Global IB MU and License Number GB22201273.

This pivotal development allows the company to extend its services to qualifying NonHighNet Worth investors, enabling them to participate in a range of investment opportunities previously only available to HighNet Worth (HNW) investors.

With the newly acquired Investment Dealer (Full Service Dealer, Excluding Underwriting) license, BF Global IB MU will be able to:
•  Execute orders and engage in the business of buying and selling securities on behalf of its clients;
•  Act as a brokerdealer company, engaging in the business of buying and selling securities on behalf of its clients;
•  Manage portfolios for clients

The key products (securities) on offer includes but are not limited to:
•  Public Shares e.g. NASDAQ listed companies;
•  Options & CFDs on Currency Pairs, Equity Indices, Metals, Commodities, CFD on Crypto; and
•  Deliverable Securities.

With the addition of BF Global IB MU to the Group, in 2024, Bnk To The Future is poised to open up three distinct services to a wider investor base:
Buying and Selling of shares in Public Companies: NonHNW investors will be able to access the platform to invest in the shares of leading companies. As more and more Bnk To The Future portfolio companies go public you can hold and sell them from within your account.

• Expanded Access to our Portfolio Builder Service: Bnk To The Future’s Portfolio Builder service will be available to a broader range of investors, offering them the ability to create portfolios tailored to their investment goals and risk appetite bespoke to our sector all within in a asset protection retirement structure.

Increased Accessibility to Private Equity through our Private Client Markets: Bnk To The Future’s primary and secondary private client markets will be accessible to a wider range of qualifying investors. This expansion allows qualifying individuals to participate in private equity investments.

This milestone achievement is a testament to Bnk To The Future’s commitment to staying ahead of evolving regulatory frameworks. While many other companies in the industry are facing increased scrutiny and regulatory challenges, Bnk To The Future has proactively navigated the complex landscape to ensure compliance while providing its clients with innovative investment solutions.

Simon Dixon, CEO and Cofounder of Bnk To The Future, expressed his excitement about the company’s latest accomplishment, stating:

“We are thrilled to secure our retail securities Investment Dealer (Full Service Dealer, Excluding Underwriting) license with the FSC in Mauritius, enabling us to extend our services to NonHNW investors. At Bnk To The Future, we have always been at the forefront of the Bitcoin and crypto industry and crypto related securities trading industries, leading the way in terms of compliance and regulation. This license represents a significant step forward in our mission to democratize access to innovative securities.”
Risk Disclaimer
Investing in public and private company shares carries inherent risks that should be carefully evaluated. Market volatility can lead to fluctuations in share values, and companyspecific factors can impact performance. For private companies most companies may not be successful, reach an exit or go public. Liquidity is not assured, and regulatory changes may influence outcomes. Prior to investing, do your own research on the company in question, consult qualified advisors in order to assess your individual circumstances and understand the potential risks involved.

Investments may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations that may cause an impact on the price of an investment and its return. Tax liabilities are solely the responsibility of the investor therefore an investor should seek professional advice on tax liabilities based on the investments made and should understand that tax may reduce the return of an investment. Once an investment in equity or order to buy or sell equity has been made, there is no right to receive a refund or a cooling off period.
This press release has not been endorsed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.
You may print a copy of this press release via our blog at BF Global IB MU is not licensed to provide virtual asset services. All services in relation to virtual assets are provided by BF Virtual Assets in the British Virgin Islands.

For more information about Bnk To The Future group of companies and its newly expanded services, please visit the official website at

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