Build a portfolio in the biggest companies in crypto & get priority access to new secondary market listings

Build a portfolio in the biggest companies in crypto & get priority access to new secondary market listings

Introducing a special new perk to our premium members – priority access on the largest companies in crypto before they list on our secondary market.

We wanted to announce something very special for our BFT premium members, who receive priority access to deals by maintaining a minimum balance of 10,000 BFT on either their account or BF Wallet.

As well as giving qualifying investors priority access to all of our usual primary market listings where we allow you to co-invest in new funding rounds of crypto and FinTech startups, we will be introducing exclusively to our premium qualifying members the opportunity to build a portfolio in many of the top crypto companies in the world. These companies will soon be listed on our secondary market later this year and premium qualifying members get the opportunity to invest before they go live on our secondary market.

To qualify to be listed on our secondary market the company has to have reached a certain level of success like our first secondary market listing in beta trading now – the BitFinex SPV, which you can see listed on our trading page right here now.

We will be revealing the companies exclusively to our BFT premium members only and later we will be listing them on our secondary market as soon as we come out of beta.

How to become a premium member:

Step 1

Create an account on Once done, complete all details on both your public and private profile, upload your verification documents and investor status. You will need a qualifying account to invest through our platform.

Step 2

Purchase BFT on any crypto exchange that supports the purchase of BFT such as BitFinex, Huobi, Bittrex, UpBit or Gate or simply click on the markets section of our CoinMarketCap page to see all exchanges and markets that have BFT live here.

Step 3

Once you have a account and you own BFT, deposit 10,000 BFT to the BF platform using the funds section of your account.

Alternatively download the BF Wallet on iOS or Android and connect your to your BF Wallet then send 10,000 BFT to your BF mobile wallet.

That’s it!

Need help?

Ask a member of our support team or our community members in Telegram here.


Watch the recording of our live broadcast where we made the announcement


In order to join us and get notifications for our live broadcasts each week you will need to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell symbol when subscribing – meaning YouTube will send you an email notification every time we go live. Subscribe here now.

We will be sharing full details on the next episode of ‘Bnk To The Future live’ this Thursday 28th February 3pm UTC.

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