Technical update from BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – September 25th, 2018

Technical update from BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – September 25th, 2018

As we get ready to see the BF Wallet released (subject to app stores’ approval) on both iOS and Android in the very near future, we dedicated some of our resources to one of the features long awaited by our community – Institutional investing. This has also given us the opportunity to revisit and further polish our investor accreditation process, making it simpler and up to date with global standards.

Additionally, we’ve introduced several incremental improvements to the discussion forums where you can vote, upload images, embed videos and create direct links, while the participating investors are now able to access the relevant documents much more easily within the Investor Zone.

With the Secondary Market launch being around the corner too, we’re very excited to enter the last quarter of the year with a number of product launches.

Our progress is matched only by our ambition, where we recognise there is still so much more we can be offering our investor community. We’re about to launch a global recruitment campaign to accelerate the scaling of our already potent product team and bring the future of finance even closer.

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